• AME Dinner Series

    Candid conversations among men who are engaging and, by God’s grace, prevailing in the battle for their own family economies. See and hear more than 4 hours of stories of their successes and failures, struggles and victories, the strategies they employ and the lessons they have learned.

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    AME Dinner Series
  • Marketing Your Business in an Online Age – Complete Video Series

    Delivered to a live studio audience, highly experienced and successful pros show how to deliver on your value proposition

    Watch the trailer and learn more!

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    Marketing Your Business in an Online Age – Complete Video Series
  • Australia Conference Audio Presentations

    This seminal in-person conference was held in Australia during 2019.

    All of these sessions are available for individual or the full conference purchase. Links below for the individual talks.

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    Australia Conference Audio Presentations
  • Real Estate Video Course

    If you are a real estate owner, investor, manager, or think you want to become involved in the business, we think you will want to check this out.

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    Real Estate Video Course
  • A Book from AME: One With Everything

    The Anatomy of a Hot Dog Stand and Other Great Family Businesses You Can Start!

    Interested in starting a Family Business?
    This book is for you!

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    A Book from AME: One With Everything

Locally Produced Food – a Terrific and Tasty Investment

AME guest blogger Rory Groves lives with his wife and five children on a farm in southern Minnesota where they grow food, raise livestock, and host educational workshops on traditional skills. He is the author of the forthcoming book Durable Trades: Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time (Front Porch Republic). By Rory GrovesAs we […]

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Home-business + Home-schooling

Guest contributor – Shari McMinn The landscape of family living shifted significantly this spring when every school in our nation physically closed due to Covid19, with associated social distancing and ‘stay at home’ government orders. Public and private PK-12 schools, even colleges, transitioned students to learn at home, mostly on computers. Suddenly, working parents also […]

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